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Kelly Johnson 20/6/58 - 15/7/07


KELLY'S EUOLOGY - Written and Read By TRACEY LAMB - 24/7/07


It doesn't shock or surprise me that there are so many of you here today for Kelly because Kelly touched all of our hearts with her love, friendship, her amazing persona and the way she inspired so many of us to take up or continue to play music. She was a true rock star, her agility on stage and when recording, her prolific song writing and strong delivery in every performance will always be remembered.


Throughout my life I’ve always met people who have disliked someone but Kelly is an exception to the rule, everyone that met Kelly, even outside the music industry fell in love with her because of all these qualities and more. Kelly was a humanitarian, a sincere believer in animal rights and always cared for the environment.


Kelly was a special person to a great many people. She probably didn’t even realize the kind of effect she had on so many people’s lives over the years until something like what she’s been through inspired well-wishers to come forward and share their innermost thoughts.


You have been a dear friend to us all Kelly. We’ve heard from countless friends and admirers from different connections that formed the web of your life who all share the profound impact you’ve had on them. You’ve been a bright beacon that stands strong for what is really important in life... family, friends, loved ones, your fans, planet Earth and animal rights.


Most of us gathered here in Kelly’s memory could provide testimonies of how special she was in their lives. I’m sure you could all give countless examples of how her unique blend of honesty, responsibility, compassion, fairness, down to earth sense of humour and genuine interest in each of us has made a difference in all of our lives. All of us will feel the loss of Kelly in many ways.


All of us here today are trying to cope with a very complicated set of feelings that marry the joy and pride of having known Kelly, with the pain that comes with the reality that she is gone from our lives. But Kelly is now free from the pain and torment of the terrible disease that turned her life upside down and inside out. She’s now in a place where peace, love and joy far surpass the best that our world has to offer, and Kelly you deserve every last bit of it!


In her battle against cancer over the last six years Kelly amazed all of us, she was a true warrior and fought with a super-human effort, never losing her drive, ambition or passion to survive the living nightmare she faced everyday. She also did this with grace and dignity. We can’t tell you how many of the wonderful health care professionals at the trinity hospice who have commented about what an extraordinary woman Kelly was. They had never seen anything like it and she was an inspiration for them.


Another friend Monique from Germany told me of one of the Lakota Sioux Indians beliefs that gave me comfort when the waves of grief hit me. I hope it also comforts you...


Nobody goes forever – it’s a circle of energy and power.


Kelly just went back to the stars... where she came from.


I will know recite a poem on behalf of the Kelly’s family, the Girlschool clan, and loved ones who were there for Kelly throughout her illness and demise. It’s called...



"The Gift Of Knowing You"


There are gifts of many treasures
For both the young and old,
From the tiniest little trinkets
To great boxes filled with gold.


But, put them all together
And they could not stand in lieu,
Of the greatest gift of all
The gift of knowing you.


When your times are filled with troubles
Sadness, grief, and doubt,
When all those things you planned on
Just aren't turning out.


Just turn and look behind you
From the place at which you stand,
And look for me through the shadows
And reach out for my hand.


I will lift from you your burden
And cry for you your tears,
Bear the pain of all your sorrows
And stand to face your fears


For in the end I would be happy
To have helped you start anew,
It's a small price to pay
For the gift of knowing you.